GS1 Global Healthcare Conference 2016 - Beijing


Our conference format is unique. The programme is interactive with a wide range of presentation formats, including plenary and breakout sessions. The content is relevant, innovative and enriching, and you will get the latest updates within the industry. Evening networking event provides an informal occasion to connect with fellow attendees. There will be simultaneous translation at the conference (EN>CN, CN>EN). 

The programme can be downloaded as pdf file here.



The presentation of the conference can be downloaded from The following links :

GS1 Global Healthcare Conference 2016 - Beijing (25-27 October)

Day 1

Presentations - Day 1



Plenary session - Pharmaceuticals/Traceability from manufacturer to patient


Implementation reality sessions

  • Pharmaceutical traceability – what does it mean for the manufacturers and wholesalers
    • Craig Alan Repec, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Visibility, EPCIS & RFID, GS1 Global Office; Peggy Staver, Drector, Product Integrity, Pfizer; Jeffrey Denton, Senior Director, Secure Supply Chain, AmerisourceBergen Corporation; Michael Rose, Vice President, Supply Chain Visibility, Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain; Scott Mooney, Vice President Distribution Operations, McKesson; Dr. Maximiliano Derecho, Legal Advisor, ANMAT
  • Traceability – implementation and benefits for hospitals and retail pharmacies 
    • Jean-Michel Descoutures, Chief of Pharmacy, Centre Hospitalier Victor Dupouy; Feargal Mc Groarty, National Haemophilia system Project Manager, St. James's Hospital;. Justin Bitter, Business Manager, Bernhoven Hospital; Peter Helmbaek, Senior Consultant, Amgros I/S



Day 2

Day 3