Beware Unauthorised GS1 Barcode Numbers

Please be aware that if your company is using unauthorised GS1 barcode numbers. Your company will suffer business losses when your products are rejected by resellers.

Your company will also suffer monetary losses when you need to re-label or repackage your products.

In Malaysia, GS1 Malaysia is the only official source for GS1 barcode numbers and standards. The GS1 barcode numbers allocated to companies by GS1 Malaysia begin with the GS1 prefix "955". The allocation of barcode numbers by GS1 Malaysia is as follows:

GS1 Prefix - Issued by GS1 Malaysia GS1 Company Prefix Number & Item Reference - Issued by GS1 and each individual member company respectively Check Digit - Calculated based on the preceeding 12 digits

Use of unauthorised barcode numbers means, use of GS1 prefix "955" without registering with GS1 Malaysia or had previously registered with GS1 Malaysia but has resigned or has overdue subscription fee.

In order to safeguard your brands and products, and for GS1 Malaysia to validate your barcode numbers, please join GS1 Malaysia to obtain your barcode numbers from GS1 Malaysia.

Please contact GS1 Malaysia at for further information.