Brand Protection and Product Data Visibility

The industry has recognised that trusted product data is critical to drive customer buying decisions and experience. Therefore, there is a real need for manufacturers and retailers to review their data governance processes, and to make significant improvements to data quality at the source, not only to meet the growing customer need for information but also to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace.

Retailers throughout Malaysia have also started work on improving their logistics efficiency by implementing barcode scanning for products being delivered to their distribution centres. Their suppliers are now required to comply with this requirement by implementing non-retail/outer case carton barcode.

In order to protect brand equity and for the trading partners and customers to verify product authenticity, the unique GS1 product identification is important across the supply chain. GS1 Malaysia could help you to ensure that your brand complies with current retailer requirements by listing all your products with the GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank.

The GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank will serve as a trusted source of product information that retailers will refer to in order to check the validity of members' product barcodes. In case of dispute of product identification, GS1 Malaysia will be able to facilitate the brand owners in verifying product authenticity.

We strongly encourage you to take full advantage of this service by filling in this Excel document with both Retail and Non-Retail units produced by your company and email them to Please refer to this GPC listing to provide the product classification of each product as well. Thank you!

Please contact Mr Leon at 03-62867200 or email should you require any further information and assistance.