GTIN Filling in China

The China government has new regulation with regard to GS1 bar codes not issued by GS1 China, on products that are made and sold in China.

To address this issue and to allow GS1 Members to leverage their GS1 bar coded numbers throughout the world without restraint, all products that are produced and distributed within China but with non-GS1 China Global Company Prefix will be required to submit to GS1 China a listing of their bar coded numbers with products description.

GS1 Malaysia provides free service to help active GS1 Malaysia members comply with this regulation. GS1 Malaysia will issue a certificate to confirm the listing of the company’s bar coded numbers with products description are valid in order for the company to use their barcodes assigned by GS1 Malaysia in China.

Please ensure your membership is valid in order to enjoy this free service.