Need A Barcode?

URGENT NOTICE: To ensure success in the fight against FRAUD affecting GS1 DATA Quality, we advise all companies interested in GS1 standards to contact GS1 Malaysia Berhad directly.
GS1 Malaysia Berhad does not and has never appointed any agents to act on its behalf.

Brand Owners are encouraged to adopt GS1 Standards and should apply for the GS1 barcode numbers from GS1 Malaysia Berhad.

OEM and Contract Manufacturers are encouraged to advise their trading partners who are brand owners to apply for the GS1 barcode number from GS1 Malaysia. They can also apply for a separate barcode prefix for each of their trading partners as long as they are an active GS1 Malaysia Member.

Please see sub-sections below for the available options:


New Member Registration

Applicable to companies wishing to use the GS1 Standards & keys on products, we offer 2 categories of membership which will determine the number of barcodes allocated.
GS1 Malaysia offers a special and optional package under the Value Added Services for all its members.

Category A Membership - Up to 1,000 numbers allocated per member



    Annual Subscription Fee (Renewable Yearly)

    Breakdown of New Membership Application Fees

    Total Fees

    Registration Fee Current Year Subscription Fee (Pro-rated) 2-Years Advanced Subscription Fees Value Added Services (VAS) Fee  Security Deposit (1 1/2 Years Subscription Fee)**

    Sole-proprietor/ Partnership


    1,050.00 *

    Pro-rated based on join month


    330.00 * 1,062.00

    (Please click here for total fees calculation broken down by month and category)

    Company with Issued Capital:-


    - RM 2.5 million and below




      1,050.00 *






      Pro-rated based on join month


      1,416.00 1,062.00
      - Above RM 2.5 - 5.0 million


        2,100.00 1,575.00
        - Above RM 5.0 - 10.0 million


          2,760.00 2,070.00
          - Above RM 10.0 - 20.0 million


            3,540.00 2,655.00
            - Above RM 20.0 million


              4,200.00 3,150.00

              * One-off fee, only charged during new application.

              ** Deposit will be refunded upon official resignation (resignation letter must be provided) of GS1 Malaysia membership

              When assigning barcode numbers to products and trade items, it is important to take note of Aggregation, which is the creation of a hierarchical, parent-child relationship between a containing object (i.e., parent) and one or more objects (i.e., children) that are contained. A simple example of aggregation is between a product and a carton; labelling a carton with a barcode number that is related to the product's barcode number. Due to this relationship, the number of barcodes required for a single product category can easily exceed 10.


              Category B Membership

              The Category B membership only provides a small number of product identifiers and is meant for promotional products, festive-run products, seasonal-run products, impulsive or limited-run product ideas, vouchers, Micro or Cottage industries use ONLY. It is NOT SUITED for long-term use on permanent products or for your main product catalogue!

                All applications for Category B must be accompanied by the Category B Acknowledgement Letter, and will be reviewed to determine eligibility.

                Category B memberships cannot increase their number of allocated barcode numbers!

                Category B Fees - Kindly contact GS1 for further information.


                Additional Barcode Numbers Application

                Applicable to existing members who wish to purchase additional barcode numbers for their products. 

                To apply, please contact GS1 Malaysia via Kindly provide the following:

                • Latest listing of your company products 
                • Copy of payment proof



                Numbers per block

                Price per block*

                Category A


                RM 250.00

                *Annual membership renewal fee will be increased by an amount equal to the price of the additional block of barcode numbers


                GTIN-8 Registration

                Applicable to companies who are already GS1 Malaysia members but require a smaller barcode subset due to products with a footprint too small for conventional EAN-13 barcode symbols.

                The fee is RM250.00 per GTIN-8. As of 18 December 2018, your annual subscription fees will be increased by an amount equal to the price of each GTIN-8 number requested.


                Universal Product Code (UPC) Application

                Kindly take note that there is a difference between UPC barcode numbers and standard GS1 barcode numbers. The standard GS1 barcode number consists of 13 digits, hence it is called GTIN-13 or EAN code, while the UPC barcode number consists of 12 digits, hence it is called GTIN-12 or UPC Code. Both are issued by GS1.

                Standard GS1 GTIN-13 numbers are commonly used worldwide while the UPC barcode is commonly used in the USA and Canada only. This is can be due to legacy hardware/software or logistical reasons. Take note that your local trading partner at those countries will most likely refer to any barcode as UPC Code or just UPC.

                As most currently available barcode hardware/software are already compatible with GS1 barcode numbers, we would kindly suggest that you check with your trading partner if they can accept GTIN-13 or EAN barcodes as you should already have those available.

                If you still require the UPC barcodes, please note that you need to register as a GS1 Malaysia member first before you can apply for UPC barcodes through GS1 Malaysia. 

                Kindly contact GS1 Malaysia for more information.

                GS1 GLN Registration

                A Global Location Number (GLN) is used to uniquely identify a location. It uses a 13-digit GTIN number to do so. To apply, kindly refer to the links below:

                For further details, click here.

                For companies who are not a member of GS1 Malaysia, or for members who wish to have a separate GLN membership, download the application form here. Provide the list of locations you wish to assign a GLN to here.

                For companies who are an existing member of GS1 Malaysia, you can use one of your unallocated GTIN barcode numbers as a GLN. Please fill in the form here. Provide the list of locations you wish to assign a GLN to here.

                Kindly send your completed forms to with the subject "GS1 GLN Application Submission".


                GS1 Coupon Number Application

                Applicable to companies who are already GS1 Malaysia members wishing to use GS1 coupon numbers.

                For further information and the application form, click here.

                Notice: Revision of GS1 Malaysia Membership Fees

                Effective January 1st, 2019, the annual subscription of GS1 Malaysia has been revised. Kindly click here to find out more

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