Revision of GS1 Malaysia Annual Fees In January 2019



Please be informed that we have revised our annual subscription fee on 1st January 2019. GS1 Subscribers will be subjected to the new rates effective on that date. The new Annual Fees are taking into account the additional new services, facilities, platforms developed and offered free of charge to members of GS1 Malaysia.

The world is an interconnected network of societies, and consumers become empowered by the digital trend in the digital world. GS1 Malaysia's services, facilities and platforms enable visibility, traceability, safety and sustainability, both in the physical and digital world.

In alignment of GS1's role in this new retail landscape, GS1 Malaysia would further increase services and competencies to further value add to the GS1 system of standards, so that GS1 members companies are ready to meet the challenges of the next decade.

The additional services and value-add facilities include:

  1. GS1M Member Product Databank – An online trusted product data repository, accessible through the Databank Mobile App and GS1 Malaysia Product Search Portal, enabling brand owners to securely share trusted product information for use in consumer-facing digital channels by simply scanning the product barcode. Also serves as a backup source of registered product unit information.


  1. Optimise product visibility and brand awareness through the GS1 Malaysia Retailer Dashboard, which leading online and offline retailers are taking full advantage of the Retailer Dashboard to complement their sourcing processes.


  1. Barcode Quality Control Program (BQCP) - To fulfil retailer requirements and avoiding defective or invalid information decoded for product identification, to meet Regulatory compliance and to facilitate cross border trading requirements. 


  1. Virtual Learning Initiative - covering topics from overview of GS1 standards & keys to industry related topics.


  1. Barcode Symbol Generator - Access to a Barcode Symbol Generator to ensure your barcode labels are in compliance with GS1 Standards.


  1. Certificate of Membership and Certificate of Member Products to fulfil the Regulatory Business Requirements by countries such as China and Vietnam.


  1. Centralised governance platform to validate, verify, authenticate, and to provide advice, which will be displayed through the GS1 certificate of membership which guarantee ownership of the barcode.


  1. Free invitation to the GS1 Malaysia Forum Series.


  1. Access to Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) briefings.


  1. Advisory & Consultative Support.


          The new rates for the annual subscription effective January 1, 2019 are given below:


Membership Categories Offered

Annual Fee (RM)

Category A


  1. Sole-proprietor/Partnership


  1. Companies with issue capital of:


  • RM2.5 million and below


  • Above RM2.5 million - RM5 million


  • Above RM5 million - RM10 million


  • Above RM10 million - RM20 million


  • Above RM20 million


Category B


  • Sole-proprietor/Partnership only



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