GS1 Malaysia Partner Programme


Partner Programme
A diverse network supporting members


The GS1 Malaysia Partner Programme (PP) collaborative platform aims to connect user companies with proven solution providers who can deliver services and solutions that facilitate the implementation journey of GS1 Standards and Systems.

There are three levels within the programme: Strategic Alliance, Professional Business Service & Solution Partner.

Strategic Alliance Partners: At this top tier, you provide a significant contribution to working with GS1 Malaysia and the GS1 system. Strategic Alliance Partners have access to the full benefits of the partner program, and are actively promoted to our members as being trained in the GS1 system.

Professional Business Service Partners: This tier providing various professional business services from legal, taxation, insurance, and or financing services which values to the GS1 Malaysia members’ community.

Solution Partners: The entry tier to the program introduces you to our active industry sectors and members.

The GS1 Malaysia Partner Programme opens the door to more than 7,000 companies seeking help in building strong and effective supply chains.

In joining the program, you will enjoy access to:


  • The GS1 system and associated training including Learn/ Knowledge Training Course and Industry Standards Training course
  • The latest supply chain news, innovations and technologies
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • A rich array of GS1 resources


*To join as GS1 Malaysia Strategic Alliance or Professional Business Service Partner, you require extensive knowledge of the GS1 system and should be able to demonstrate their carried solutions able to support and comply with GS1 standards.
**The benefits access is available only to Strategic Alliance and Professional Business Service Partner level, and GS1 Malaysia reserved all rights on the benefits offer to partners.


For more information about the GS1 Malaysia Partner Program, contact:

GS1 Malaysia
T +603 6286 7200
F +603 6276 1042