E-Learn is Convenient
Whilst classroom training is the preferred medium of instruction for teacher-student interaction, it is sometimes not possible due to constraint of time and distance from the learning venue. The present state-of-the-art technology has now made it possible for distance learning to take place via the internet in the comfort of your environment at your convenience and own pace.

Recognising the need for easy and convenient access to information, GS1 has developed E-Learn, a web-based training service that enables learning of the GS1 standards through the internet.

E-Learn provide the solution to deliver interactive training that is:

  • cost-effective (saves on travelling)
  • language independent (selection of language of instruction)
  • immediate skill transfer (instantaneous call up of information)


Access to E-Learn
E-learn training is via the electronic medium. The courses are interactive and based on the Adobe Flash technology. You work through the courses at your pace in your own office or home. To access the training, all that is needed is a computer with internet connection and a browser, and you will be LEARNing in seconds!

Target Audience
The courses would be informative and useful to anyone who:

  • Wants to learn the basic concepts of the GS1 and its standard.
  • Liaises with suppliers and customers and needs to understand bar code standards in order to enhance business relationships.
  • Deals with day-to-day operations and needs to know the specifications and applications of the GS1 standards and bar codes in the work flow.


Course Language
One significant advantage of an international set-up is the multitude of languages spoken by the GS1 Member Organisations in over 140 countries. Besides English, the E-Learn courses have been translated and are also available in Mandarin, French, Dutch, German, etc. You can take the courses in any of the languages offered.

Certificate of Training
A Certificate of Training will be given in the name of the student upon completion of the course(s).

Courses Available
The E-Learn courses provide an introduction to the GS1 standards and supply chain management technologies. These courses lay the foundation for entry into advanced level of studies of the supply chain. More courses will be added to the list as the programme progresses.

Course Fee
GS1 Malaysia Subscriber : RM80.00
Others : RM120.00

The time taken to complete each course depends on the pace of the individual. On average, the simpler courses will take about 2 hours, whilst the advance courses may take 6 to 8 hours.
A time period of 3 months is given to complete each course, counted from the sign-up date of that particular course. An extension of time may be granted on a case-to-case basis. Any request for extension of time must be made in writing.

Every student will register individually. Students are not allowed to share their course(s) with any other persons. Staff of GS1 Malaysia subscribers, subject to terms and conditions, are accorded concessionary rates. You may sign up for a free trial course, “Introduction to GS1”, which is the first module of the course. Student who register for more than 3 modules at one time, the fee for each module will be RM70 for GS1 Malaysia Subscriber Staff and RM100 for Others.

Enquiries and Registration
Registration can be made using the E-Learn Enrolment form available from GS1 Malaysia or downloaded from the website at www.gs1my.org. Registration can also be made on-line at the E-Learn website.

All payments must be received by GS1 Malaysia before approval is granted for commencement of the course(s). The Enrolment form must be accompanied by the correct fees applicable. For students who register on-line, payment must be sent to GS1 Secretariat by cheque/bank draft.

Students will be informed via email the status of their enrolment and whether they have been granted access to the courses, on condition that all required information has been submitted and appropriate fees paid.

Enrolment Form
Click here for the Enrolment Form.

For further information, please contact:
GS1 Malaysia
Wisma FMM,
No.3, Persiaran Dagang,
PJU9, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Person:
Mr Leong Kah Leon / Mr Syanon Munning / Ms Sonia Mee
Email : gs1malaysia@gs1my.org
Tel : 03-6286 7200
Fax : 03-6276 1042