GS1 Malaysia Strategic Alliance Programme



GS1 Malaysia Strategic Alliance Programme
A Diverse Network Supporting GS1 Malaysia Members


The GS1 Malaysia Strategic Alliance Programme (SAP) is designed to create business networks through industry solutions and professional business services to facilitate the implementation of GS1 Standards and Keys.

The Strategic Alliance Programme (SAP) consist of verified industry solution providers that leverage GS1 Standards & Keys in their solutions.

The GS1 Malaysia Strategic Alliance Programme (SAP) opens the door to more than 7,000 companies seeking help in building strong and effective supply chains.

By joining the programme, you will enjoy a rich array of GS1 resources:  

  • The GS1 Standard and associated training including Learn/Knowledge Training Course and Industry Standards Training course
  • The latest supply chain news, innovations and technologies
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Networking opportunities

The joining fees are as follows:

  • Registration Fee - RM 1,050.00
  • Partner Programme Fee - RM 3,500.00

Requirements: To join the GS1 Malaysia Strategic Alliance Programme (SAP), you must:

  1. Have extensive knowledge on the GS1 Standards & Keys,
  2. Be able to demonstrate solutions that are based on or leverage GS1 Standards, Keys & Services, 
  3. Be able to provide support and ensure compliance with the guidelines of GS1 Standards.

For more information about the GS1 Malaysia Strategic Alliance Programme, contact:

GS1 Malaysia Berhad

T +603 6286 7200
F +603 6276 1042