Tesco Outer Carton Case (OCC) Project

Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has started a project to improve its logistics efficiency by implementing barcoding system at its regional distribution centres. Tesco’s Regional Distribution Program Team has started to work with their suppliers on the requirement for the implementation. The suppliers are required to implement outer case carton (OCC) barcode for all the products they supply to Tesco’s Distribution Centres. Tesco has given deadlines to the suppliers to comply with the OCC requirement in several phases which commenced in August 2015.

GS1 Malaysia is part of the project and our roles are to give professional consultative services and training on the implementation of barcode on outer case carton to the suppliers nationwide. GS1 Malaysia is committed to support and ensure that members comply with the requirement of Tesco’s OCC Project.

Information on how to implement barcoding on OCC is also available on the website. Please refer to the brochure below to take you through the steps of assigning GS1 Identification number and barcoding for OCC.

Please contact GS1 Malaysia should you require further information and assistance on how to implement OCC barcode.