APEC GDS Pilot Project - Durian Traceability

The objectives of the APEC Global Data Standards pilot project on Durian Traceability are to demonstrate the greater use of GS1 standards and keys to achieve better visibility and risk management processes in the international supply chain can improve Malaysian exports to China and Hong Kong.



Specifically, the project aimed to :


  • Improve consumer safety.
  • Improve supply chain efficiency.
  • Demonstrate the added value to industry, customs, health authorities/food safety authorities for multi jurisdiction product identification and visibility.
  • Contributed to combat and reduce the risk of counterfeiting by enabling authentication of product by the consumers.


This pilot project has successfully demonstrated the possibility of cross-border trading traceability can be achieved by using the GS1 standards supported by the EPCIS data sharing platform to improve the Musang King Durian supply chain from Malaysia to China and Hong Kong.




​Project Report : Download Here

​APEC PSU Phase 2 Study Report : Download Here




Business Step For Fresh Durian from Malaysia to Hong Kong

Business Step For Frozen Durian from Malaysia to China

Product Information from Mi-Trace

Traceability Result


To know more, please contact GS1 Malaysia by email to gs1malaysia@gs1my.org or call to 03-6286 7200.