GS1 Malaysia Briefings and Trainings

For over 20 years, GS1 Malaysia has provided training for companies of all sizes and from various industries. The types of training available ranges from basic industry awareness briefings to in-depth, technical subject matter trainings to in-house, customised courses.

Irrespective of the industry your company is in, the size of your company or your current understanding of the GS1 standards and keys – our training will give you the knowledge you need to address your business challenges and tap into greater opportunities.

GS1 Malaysia Training Calendar 2018

Plan out your staff training and development for the year using the GS1 Malaysia Training Calendar 2018.


GS1 Malaysia In-House Training Services

Contact us at to find out more about our customisable, in-house training for your staff.

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The Fundamentals In GS1 Standards & Keys

The basics on the GS1 barcode system. This FREE briefing session is held daily except Public Holiday.

Mon & Wed : 2.30pm

Tue, Thu & Fri : 10.30am

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Member Benefits Orientation: Standards & Services Overview
(Available in English & Chinese)

Learn about all the benefits being a member of GS1 Malaysia
Find out more about the standards and services that will help you overcome your business challenges



Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm
Venue: Wisma FMM, KL
Dates: ​Every Monday and Wednesday excluding Public Holiday


Fee: FREE for GS1 Malaysia Members with VAP, Non-VAP Members = RM53.00 (including 6% GST)


Business Growth with GS1

Take your business to the next level by learning industry best practices and how to effectively employ the GS1 standards and keys throughout your business processes

Time:   9:00am – 1:00pm (includes networking lunch)
Venue: Wisma FMM, KL
2018 Dates: Jan 2, Feb 6, Mar 6

Fee*: RM 60 (members with VAP) | RM 120 (member) | RM 150 (non-member)
*fee is per pax and will incur an additional 6% GST

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Fulfilling the National Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Track & Trace Roadmap using GS1 Standards

The usage of GS1 standards in Healthcare increases patient safety, drives supply chain efficiencies, improves the traceability of medicines and reduces medication errors

Learn how to reduce operational and inventory costs whilst increasing service quality and better healthcare management

Time:   9:00am – 12:00pm
Venue: Wisma FMM, KL
2018 Dates: Jan 11, Jan 25, Feb 7, Feb 22, Mar 8, Mar 22


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Maximising Efficiency and Visibility In Warehouse Operations

Learn how GS1 Standards help in tackling consumer confidence and how the MyTrack platform can help to improve warehouse inventory efficiency.

Time:   9:00am – 12:30pm
Venue: Wisma FMM, KL
2018 Dates: Jan 9, Jan 30, Feb 12, Feb 28, Mar 13, Mar 29


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Optimising Inventory Management Through Logistic Unit Identification Required By Retailers

Data integrity & validation are important improving logistical efficiency. This briefing will cover the DataBank platform & Outer Case Carton (OCC). Specially designed for all Procurement & Warehouse Logistic managers.

Time: 9:00am – 12:30pm
Venue: Wisma FMM, KL
2018 Dates: Jan 4, Jan 18, Feb 8, Feb 27, Mar 15, Mar 27


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Step-By-Step Implementation of 2D Datamatrix and GS1 1Barcode for Regulatory and Industry Best Practices

  • Increasing Supply Chain Efficiency, Accuracy & Reducing Cost
  • Meeting Regulatory or Trading Partner Requirement
  • Facilitating Product Traceability
  • Enabling New Business Process

(Pre-requisite: participants are encouraged to attend briefing Maximising Efficiency and Visibility In Warehouse Operations or Optimising Inventory Management Through Logistic Unit Identification Required By Retailers prior to this training)

Time: 9.00am - 11.30am
Venue: Wisma FMM, KL
2018 Dates: Jan 23, Feb 5, Mar 1


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Improving Your Solutions with GS1

Using and implementing the suitable GS1 keys and standards have been proven to deliver significant benefits to companies

Learn how to incorporate the right GS1 standards and keys into your solutions to fulfil your customer needs

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Venue: Wisma FMM, KL
2018 Dates: Jan 16, Feb 21, Mar 20


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