Member Product Market Surveillance Initiative

Member Product Market Surveillance Initiative


With the demand for good data governance, manufacturers/suppliers and retailers recognise that there is a real need to improve data quality, including the identification of data owners, and a process for auditing and monitoring data for on-going consistency and accuracy.


This Market Surveillance and Audit initiative is based on marketplaces best practices that outline how to create a process for data governance and to support the demand for accurate and consistent trusted data where consumers can make informed purchase decisions.  The key benefits of this initiative are as follows:


  • Preventive measures to deter against the misuse, misrepresentation and unauthorised issuance of GS1 GTINs, which lead to confusion amongst members and users,


  • Reduce erosion of member market share due to fraudulent and counterfeit products, which has been worryingly observed to be increasingly widespread,


  • Improve and decrease instances of indiscriminate and negligent usage of GS1 standards and keys due to lack of understanding or knowledge of proper use of GS1 Standards & Keys,


  • Cooperation with industry leaders and leading retailers to benefit brand owners and distributive trade.


Additionally, if a member’s allocated GS1 barcode numbers are found to have been inadvertently or intentionally misused by the authorised auditors, a Market Audit Fee of RM 1,050.00 will be imposed for every product bearing the aforementioned barcode numbers found in the marketplace.