GS1 News Brief - Apparel - December 2015 Edition

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SOURCING NRF Retail Back from Bangladesh, NRF Executives Say Garment Factory Safety is Improving 08 September 2015
eCOMMERCE eMarketer European Ecommerce Turnover to Hit €477 Billion This Year 14 September 2015
NEW MARKETS IOL Fast fashion, SA’s chance to beat the Chinese 15 September 2015
SOURCING Business of Fashion Made in Jordan: Inside the Unexpected Powerhouse of Garment Manufacturing 15 September 2015
INNOVATION ClickZ Beacons unlock real-time mobile research: are you ready to connect? 12 October 2015
STANDARDS Supply Chain Brain Nieman Marcus case : GTIN-EDI Solution Enables Suppliers, Benefits Customers of Upscale Retailer 13 October 2015
OMNI-CHANNEL The Future of Commerce A retail geek’s take on modern high-street shopping 15 October 2015
ANTI-COUNTERFEIT Sourcing Journal Fighting the “Fomni-channel:” How RFID Verifies Product Authenticity 21 October 2015
EPC Item-Level-Tagging Retail Touchpoints The Four E’s Of Making RFID Work (Consistently) For Retailers 27 October 2015
STATISTICS FashionUnited (UK) The largest fashion companies worldwide: data and insights 28 October 2015
TRADE FashionUnited (UK) TTIP: Why it is essential for the European textile and garment industry 28 October 2015
NEW MARKETS Forbes India India is luxury's next frontier 09 November 2015
OMNI-CHANNEL FashionUnited (UK) Omni-channel paves the way for future retailing in the Europe 18 November 2015
OMNI-CHANNEL CNBC Inventory challenges : Retailers are losing $1.75 trillion over this 30 November 2015
INNOVATION NRF Retail STORES Predictions: 16 trends poised to change the industry 01 December 2015
eCOMMERCE eMarketer Accurate Product Info Is a Pain Point for Digital Shoppers 08 December 2015