Dear GS1 Subscribers,

It is now the new financial year 2020/2021. Renewal invoices have been sent to the registered mailing addresses of GS1 Malaysia members. If you are having issues making payment to us, kindly contact us via the methods below for further assistance.

To better serve our members, Membership applications can be sent through our WhatsApp numbers, as well as the various channels listed below: 


Membership enquiries:

Product Listing enquiries:

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General enquiries:     

WhatsApp: All Enquiries, Membership Applications (available during standard working hours)

  1. +6014-3933 228
  1. +6011-1616 8228

Have you paid your GS1 Subscription fee? If not please act immediately. Otherwise your GS1 Membership will be SUSPENDED and your GS1 Company Prefix (Barcode Numbers) WILL BE WITHDRAWN AND REASSIGNED to Another NEW MEMBER, and your company will be listed in the GS1 Malaysia Terminated Members List.

To see the List Of GS1 Malaysia Suspended Members. [Click Here]

To see the List Of GS1 Malaysia Terminated Members. [Click Here]

The withdrawal of GS1 Company Prefix (Barcode Numbers) will be notified to all retailers; eg. Aeon, Giant, Mydin, Aladdin, Caring, Econsave etc. [Find Out More]

The Retailer Dashboard, powered by the Member Product Databank, provides retailers with a simple tool to effectively optimise product visibility for trusted product authentication to fulfil retail merchandising requirements and product curation.

Active GS1 Members benefit from this tool as it helps to improve their market access and business market share, provide access to local and global networks and marketplaces, brings them closer to retailers and marketplaces and improves business opportunities. It is a platform to promote Made-In-Malaysia products

Many retailers have already been provided with access to the Retailer Dashboard. You may find the list here.

GS1 Malaysia is now offering our weekly briefings remotely through Zoom. Kindly refer to our briefing page for more information on the time slots available.

The Member Product Market Surveillance has been initiated with the cooperation of industry leaders and leading retailers to benefit brand owners and distributive trade. Kindly click here to find out more.

Please take note! The Category B Membership is meant for promotional productsfestive-run productsseasonal run productsimpulsive or limited-run productsideas or vouchers ONLY. It is NOT SUITED for long term use on permanent products or on your main product catalogue! Click here to find Out More

As of December 1st 2019, requests to generate barcode numbers from your allocated prefix will be charged RM 50 per 50 barcode numbers. Additionally, request for amendment of product information will be charged RM50.00 per SKU. 


GS1 Malaysia Services


Product Search Portal & Retailers Dashboard


Product Search Portal & Retailers Dashboard

Optimizing Online/Offline Retailers' Assortment through Brand Awareness/Product Visibility

The Product Search Portal has a secured section called the Retailer Dashboard. Retailers who have access are able to search for products in a much greater detail, and allows for a more precise business to business matching.

Retailers can also search based on the Global Product Classification (GPC) code, GTIN, Company Name, Product and Brand.

Consumers will only be able to search using the GTIN and the company's name.

Member Product Databank
& Mobile App

GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank

Enable Authentication of Product Information and Ownership

Avoid costly mistakes and protect your brand equity by ensuring a trusted source of product information for consumers and trading partners.

Ensure that your brand is compliant with current retailer requirements by listing all your products with the GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank today.


GS1 Malaysia Databank Mobile App

Providing Trusted and Genuine Product Information

The mobile app leverages on the GS1 Malaysia Member Product Databank to provide trusted and genuine product information to consumers and trading partners.

Download the mobile app by scanning the QR code on the right and updating us if there are any inaccuracies with your product data.

Briefings and

GS1 Malaysia Briefings and Trainings

For over 20 years, GS1 Malaysia has provided training for companies of all sizes and from various industries. The types of training available ranges from basic industry awareness briefings to in-depth, technical subject matter trainings to in-house, customised courses.

Irrespective of the industry your company is in, the size of your company or your current understanding of the GS1 standards and keys – our training will give you the knowledge you need to address your business challenges and tap into greater opportunities.

Barcode Quality Control Program

GS1 Malaysia Verification Services

Ensure Your Barcodes Scan First Time, Every Time

Having a scannable barcode is crucial to your business. Verification of product barcodes facilitates cross border trade as it is often an important import/export requirement.

Negative consequences of unscannable barcodes:

  • Rejection of product by retailer
  • Delays caused by multiple scans


GS1 Malaysia Consultancy Services

Cost-Effective and Customisable to Get the Best Value out of your GS1 Membership

Being a GS1 member means so much more than just having a set of barcodes for retail. Explore the full range of possibilities, from improved inventory management to efficient, interoperable systems by contacting us today.

GTIN Filling in China & Vietnam


GTIN Filling in China & Vietnam

The China and Vietnam governments have new regulation with regard to GS1 bar codes not issued by their respective GS1 member organisation, on products that are made and sold in their respective countries.

GS1 Malaysia provides free service to help active GS1 Malaysia members comply with this regulation. Please ensure your membership is valid in order to enjoy this free service.

I'm Tooltip 1

1: JomPAY


2: Online Payment - Maybank2u 

* Bill Payment -> One Off Payment -> All Payees -> Others -> GS1 Malaysia Berhad -> Invoice No. + Email Address + Amount

3: Interbank GIRO 

* Please select "GIRO Transfer" when performing electronic fund transfer from Non-Maybank Account directly to GS1 Malaysia Maybank account.

GS1 Malaysia Berhad Bank Account Details :


Payee Name : GS1 Malaysia Berhad
Account No. : 5-14208-626-707
Bank Name. : Maybank Berhad
Bank Address : No. 8-10, Jalan 53, Desa Jaya, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur.



For more information, kindly contact GS1 Malaysia :

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